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The large Peloponnese peninsula is located in southern Greece. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes and the presence of ancient architectural monuments. Peloponnese is visited by many tourists every year, although it is not very popular compared to other tourist places in Greece. The Peloponnese is predominantly mountainous, but there are also fertile valleys. The western part of the peninsula is especially picturesque, where the famous resorts of Grecotel and Aldemar are located. Luxurious sandy beaches of the peninsula, some of which have been awarded the Blue Flags, are washed by the Ionian Sea with their warm turquoise waters on the one hand, and the incredible greenery of oak and pine groves envelops them on the other.
Peloponnese is visited by tourists at any time of the year, thanks to its rich historical heritage and abundance of attractions. This peninsula was once the embodiment of the greatness of Greece since it is here where such historical cities as Sparta, Argos, Mycenae, and Epidaurus are located. Arriving in the Peloponnese, it is impossible not to visit the unique sights. Holidays on the island of Peloponnese are very calm. Its narrow city streets are not overcrowded with tourists, so you can stroll through the shops without the extra noise typical of large tourist regions. The Peloponnese is divided into 7 regions, each of which has access to the sea and several of its beaches. These are Argolis, Arcadia, Achaia, Ilia, Corinthia, Laconia, Messinia.
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Argolis-Achaia etc

Argolis. Argolis is located on the northeastern tip of the Peloponnese. On the territory of Argolis, there are extremely interesting archaeological sites: Epidaurus, the ancient city of Mycenae, Tiryns, the ancient city of Argos, Nafplion, the first capital of independent Greece, ancient Lerna. There are also numerous summer resorts Tolo, Ermioni, and Porto Heli. The sandy beaches of Argolis are located along the coast of the Argolic and Saronic Gulf. Argolis is a popular destination that has everything for even the most demanding tourists. It is located 150 km from Athens, connected by a modern autobahn. The area is suitable for long holidays, but also as an ideal place for permanent living.

Achaia. The prefecture of Achaia covers the northwestern side of the Peloponnese, while the Port of Patras is Greece's main ferry gateway to Italy and wider Western Europe. It is located about 150-250 km from Athens. You enjoy a variety of natural beauty as it is rich in large beaches, forests, mountains, lakes, and lagoons.

Corinthia. Corinthia is the second most populous prefecture of the Peloponnese. Not far from the capital of the district - Corinth - is the famous Corinth Canal, connecting the Aegean and Ionian Seas. In September-October, a grandiose theater festival takes place here, gathering guests from all over the Balkans. The city lies on the way from Attica to the Peloponnese and is a busy transit point. There are a lot of cafes, bars, clubs, and restaurants. On the embankments and beaches of Corinth, life is also in full swing.

Messinia. Messinia is the southwestern tip of the Peloponnese, the most charming corner of Greece, later mastered not only by travelers but also by residents of the central part of the country. The capital of Messinia is Kalamata. Messinia is a quiet, "rustic" province, full of olive groves and flowering gardens. The green and fertile plains of Messinia are famous for their olive trees, good beaches, and numerous castles scattered in abundance on the surrounding hills. The eastern part of Messinia is rocky, the western part is gently sloping, alluring with long and wide sandy beaches and small picturesque villages. Local beaches are perhaps the best in Greece, the weather is mild and pleasant all year round, and the prices are quite low.

Ilia. Ilia is located in the west of the Peloponnese and is one of the greenest areas in Greece. There is picturesque nature, ancient temples, Byzantine monasteries, and castles. Ilia is known for the fact that the famous Olympia is located on its territory. The longest sea beaches in Greece with the softest sand are located in Ilia, four of which have been awarded the Blue Flag.

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Rest regions of Greece

Sporades-Thessaly etc

Northern Sporades. The Northern Sporades is an archipelago in the Aegean Sea, lying along the eastern coast of Greece, north of Euboea. Main islands: Alonissos, Valaksa, Kira-Panaia, Peristera, Piperion, Sarakinon, Skandzura, Skiathos, Skiropula, Skyros, Skopelos, Tsungria, Gioura. Of the 14 largest islands, only 4 are inhabited: Alonissos, Skiathos, Skyros, and Skopelos. The Northern Sporades is a very popular yachting area. This is due to the fact that, unlike the Cyclades archipelago, yachting conditions are less difficult here due to milder winds and seas. Also, unlike the barren Cyclades, the Sporades are green and lush, with many bays suitable for yacht anchorages.

Central Greece. Located in the central part of Greece, the most mountainous periphery. Includes the islands of Skyros and Euboea. The population is 547 390 inhabitants. The area is 15,549.311 square kilometers. The density is 35.2 people per square kilometer. The administrative center of the periphery is Lamia. Famous sights, stone towns, monasteries, the unique Delphic Oracle, hiking trails, national reserves, ski resorts, turquoise sea beaches, true rituals, and traditional tastes all combine to form an impressive picture of one of the most beautiful regions of Greece.

Thessaly. The administrative region of Thessaly includes 5 regional associations - Karditsa, Larissa, Magnesia, Sporades, and Trikala, which geographically coincide with the districts of the same name, with the exception of Magnesia, divided into two administrative units: Magnesia itself and the Northern Sporades, often popularly called the "golden trio" »: Alonnissos, Skiathos (the birthplace of the outstanding Greek writer Alexandros Papadiamantis) and Skopelos. The capital of Thessaly - the city of Larissa - is a major shopping center and an important road and transport hub. The monastery complex of Meteora, which is rightfully considered a unique monument, is located in Thessaly near the town of Kalambaka, which is adjacent to Trikala.

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  • Skiathos
Central Greece
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