Welcome to Athens, the historical capital of Europe. Welcome to the birthplace of democracy, arts, science, and philosophy of western civilization. Home of Plato, Socrates, Pericles, Euripides, Sophocles, and Aeschylus.
Athens is a huge metropolis with a population of 3,041,131 people. And of course, the districts of the city are completely heterogeneous and qualitatively different from each other.
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Athens center

Acropoli-Syntama-Omonia etc

Of course, the most interesting in Athens is the historical triangle Acropoli-Syntagma-Monastiraki. It is here that the historical monuments of world heritage are located. These are good areas for shopping, there are many museums and many kilometers of pleasant historical walking trails that you never get tired of walking. There are many hotels in the triangle, they are the most expensive in the city. In terms of acquiring real estate, these areas may be of interest to investors.

There are also many hotels around Omonia Square and they are much more economical, but this area is less prosperous, as well as the areas of Exarchia, Metaxourgio, and Politehnio.

And the districts of Koukaki, Kalimarmaro, and Ilisia will leave a pleasant impression. We especially note the Kolonaki district as the most fashionable in the center. These areas are not a bad choice for those who would like to buy property in the center of Athens.

For those who plan to travel to Athens by car, you should keep in mind that there are special rules for entering the central areas of the city. And of course, parking in these areas is very, very difficult, and paid parking is very expensive. Therefore, in the central part of Athens, it is advisable to abandon the car.

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  • Central square
  • Pleasant area

Districts bordering the center

Nea Smyrni-Pagrati-Galatsi-Attiki etc

These areas are the most densely populated. They are convenient because they have easy access to the center of Athens. Basically, these areas have a good public transportation connection with the center. Most of these areas have metro stations. As for parking, it is mostly easier than in the center of Athens.

In our opinion, the most high-quality areas are Abelokipi, Psychiko, Pagrati, Nea Smyrni, and Filophei. Medium-quality areas are Kallithhea, Dafni, Agios Dimitrios, Vyronas, Zografou, Kaisariani, and Galatsi. And further, areas with a lower quality level - Kypseli, Votanikos, Petralona, Tavros, Patissia.

Most of these areas have hotels. They are convenient in the way that with an equal level of services offered compared to central hotels, they offer more acceptable prices. We would especially note hotels of areas Abelokipi, Kallithhea, and Nea Smyrni .

Real estate in areas with an average level of quality and higher are in demand. They are quite suitable for those who want to purchase real estate in Athens and those who deal with investments.

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Nea Smyrni
  • Park
  • Davaki square

Regions of the north and north-east

Kifisia-Chalandri-Maroussi etc

The northern and northwestern outskirts of Athens are areas of quite high quality. But especially we would note the Kifissia area. The Kifissia drowning in greenery has a special charm and this area is good not only for living but also for walking along its streets, with a visit to pretty shops and boutiques. One can get to Kifissia using the metro. Kifissia is the terminal station of the first and oldest metro line. There are several hotels in Kifissia and mainly they are of the five-star category.

A sufficient level of quality is also in Maroussi, Vrilissia, Agia Paraskevi, and Melissia areas. There are metro stations in Maroussi, Agia Paraskevi, and Vrilissia. The rest of the areas, such as Nea Ionia, Pefki, Metamorfosi, Likovrisi, and Nea Filadelfia of a slightly lower quality than the previous ones.

Basically, in these areas, parking is quite easy compared to the average in Athens. In our opinion, these areas are more suitable for acquiring real estate for living than for investment.

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  • Characteristic street for the area
  • Оne corner of the area
  • Olympic Center of Athens

Areas of Athens south

Ilioupoli-Glyfada-Vuliagmeni etc

First of all, it should be noted that there are areas in the south that do not have access to the sea, these are Ilioupoli and Argyroupoli. The coastal regions are Palaio Faliro, Alimos, Elliniko, Glyfada, Voula, and Vouliagmeni. Each of these areas has beaches, some better, some worse.

As to the first ones, these are quite high-quality areas, with fairly easy parking. There are metro stations both in one and in the other district. These are very convenient areas for living and less for investments.

As for the coastal areas, each of them is attractive in its own way. We would call Vouliagmeni the most attractive. This green area has beautiful beaches both paid and free and a pleasant promenade along the sea. Perhaps the only drawback of Vouliagmeni is its remoteness from the center and the transport that would directly connect this area with the center. It should also be noted that Vouliagmeni, both with Kifissia, are the most expensive areas of Athens.

Elliniko should also be noted. The area was once the main airport of Athens. Now a grandiose construction has begun on this space, which should turn this place into a European Las Vegas with hotels, casinos, parks, etc. Therefore, investments in this area can bring good dividends. Elliniko also has a metro station.

The Palaio Faliro and Alimos districts are the closest to the center of Athens. They have a common promenade along the sea, beaches, marinas, and parks. Despite the fact that Palaio Faliro is the most densely populated area of all the southern and coastal ones, in terms of infrastructure it is more attractive than Alimos. Alimos has its own metro station, but the center of Athens can also be reached by tram.

And finally Glyfada. This area is interesting from different points of view. And beaches, both paid and free, marinas, an abundance of restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping ...

In the southern areas, parking is fairly easy, except for Palaio Faliro. In each of the coastal areas, there are hotels of various categories, and many are on the first line. Therefore, given the ease of access to the main attractions of the capital of Greece, these areas can be very useful for tourism, as it becomes possible to complement your stay in Athens with a beach holiday. As well as for the purchase of the real estate, these areas are quite suitable.

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Palaio Faliro
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Western districts

Menidi-Petroupoli-Aigaleo etc

Of all the areas of Athens, the areas of the west are perhaps the least quality. Therefore, we will limit ourselves to only reporting that we would call Petroupoli and Peristeri the best in this region. And the best in terms of transport are Peristeri, Agia Varvara, and Aigaleo. Parking in these areas is of medium difficulty.

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  • One of the streets
Aigaleo metro station
  • Archaelogical Collection
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The main port of Athens

Once a separate city, today Piraeus has merged into a single metropolis with Athens. The central part of Piraeus is quite interesting and beautiful with many restaurants and clubs. This is a fairly good area for shopping, there are a variety of hotels and museums. There are many places in Piraeus for pleasant walks. From the point of view of real estate acquisition, this is a good area, but it will be difficult here with a car. The difficulty of parking is the same as in the center of Athens. Piraeus has all kinds of public transport. There are also beaches here, but it would be recommended to use beaches in other areas.

Among other areas of Piraeus, we would, first of all, note two coastal areas - Moschato and Neo Faliro. These areas do not have beaches, but they are of sufficient quality. Each of them has a metro station. In terms of parking, it is quite easy in Moschato and not so easy in Neo Faliro.

In general, Piraeus, both the center and individual areas, is not a bad solution for both tourists and real estate purchases.

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  • General view
  • Olympiacos stadium
  • Agios Ioannis Rentis

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